Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dexter Yager - This man knows it all..

First of all I'd like to start off by saying that if you like Dexter Yager, you should read this because I promise you this is going to be the most unbiased truthful thing you will ever read about him.

Second let's start off by setting some things straight.

I. There is no such thing as a man who
is never wrong.

II. The truth is not relevant, 2+2=4
for everybody. It doesn't equal 5 for
a stupid person or a big dreamer it still
equals 4 no matter what they think or

OK. So Let's begin. Dexter Yager is one of the most successful men in network marketing Business or Training mentorship Business which ever one floats your boat better. The man is heralded as somewhat of a genius/philanthropist/prophet of God to those who are in his business under him. And he is practically idolized to the point of worship by millions of people and not for no reason let's find out why..

Dexter Yager wasn't born rich, but now he is, very much so i might add. Neither he nor anyone, in him family was a successful business owner, but now it seems like his entire family is. He didn't know anything about "wealth mentality" but now hes the guru. Dexter Yager grew up in a low income family and he drove a beer truck as his job when he got a bit older just to give you an idea of where he was. He gives away more money to churches and charities than you can imagine. Theres so much other things that can be listed here its not even funny, if you sit down with anyone who's made it in amway they can sit down and talk to you for about 100 hours on good points about Dexter Yager. This man has a big following! (*Remember this line, its very key*)That must mean that he's a really great leader because a great leader is not determined by anything else then the size of his following. What a successful man eh?

Let me engage you now, feel the message that is flowing through my heart, going from the tapping of my fingers as they are jabbing on the keyboard to your screen as you are reading it...
Join me in my mind for just one minute, let's just say that according to me, my premise before I even wrote anything in this article is that Dexter Yager is not a man worth following, and that he in reality not that successful at all, what would you say my friend?

You'd probably say "Hold on a second you twat, you just said a whole bunch of good things about him and how he went from being poor to rich, and great leaders--many followers , money to church and charities, you even call him successful yourself... now what are you saying?... that he is not?

Ok remember this is unbiased so i will go through both goods and bad.

Dexter Yager spoke and still speaks a lot of truth. When he says things like "Action cures fear", "Courage is not the absence of fear, it's the fear being there and going anyway", Money is not the root of all evil, it says the love of money is the root of all evil", "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still" or when he say general truths that everybody should know but seems like 21st century people have forgotten, stuff like "if you love what you do for a living it make life so much more fulfilling" or " The only place where success come before work is in the dictionary" These things are all true but when the average north american hears them they get blown away and say things like "wow this man is telling me things that are incredibly life changing, I feel the spine tinglies and my hair standing on end when I hear him talk. Where has this type of teacher been all my life, i'm not gonna waste anymore time i'll listen to everything he says."

But remember what I said at the beginning: "I. There is no such thing as a man who is never wrong." But there's also no such thing as a great leader who never tells some truths and just tells people big fat outlandish lies. Can you see or imagine a great leader raising a great following and support telling people that he has all the necessary technology and resources to reach the planet Jupiter and live there? Of course not. But if he talked about Mars and spoke convincingly some people might believe him because he can say they have landed there already, there is an element of truth to that, because robots have landed there but in reality what he's claiming is impossible and is just a big lie because although humans may reach mars one day his second proposition that we would be able to live there will never be true and is a lie that is only believable if mingled in with a truth or half truth which in this case is being able to reach Mars. Get it? read that

See some of the people who have the biggest following are or were false prophets like Mohammed(islam), Joseph Smith(mormonism), Ron Hubbard(scientology). What makes a false prophet? Is it someone who just lies and lies all the time that he is so easily noticed. No. False prophets are described in the bible as wolves in sheep's clothing, which means that people will actually believe that they are sheep. How will this happen? Like I said they will say some things that are true as their bait to get people hooked, people won't get hooked on a big fat lie duh.. they just don't tell the truth where it really counts.

For example.. The "prophet" Mohammed gained a huge following and i mean huge, because in his day where he lived people were worshipping 300 different gods so he came in and reformed and rebuked and said that there is only 1 God, people having a conscience knew this was true so they followed Mohammed the only thing is, although that is a basic truth that there is only 1 true God, the 1 God that mohammed pointed them to was not the right one but was in fact the statue of the moon god allah currently inside the black box in mecca whcih every muslim bows down and worships when they face mecca. See.. a truth and then a lie. its very deceiving.

Another example is when Mr. Hubbard said the very true thing that human beings are not living the way they are supposed to be living theres a gap and a void, something missing from men's lives, so he created scientology to fill that gap with new age psycological crap that is cultish and by taking your money(literalliy). Part of the religion is how much money you give per year. Ridiculous right? But he's only able to get followers because what he said is true, there is something missing in the life of man which man himself recognizes there is, but its not scientology! Its a relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ who through dying on the cross payed the price for our crimes opened the way to God for sinful man and made that possible. On the 3rd day he rose from the dead it's simple hes alive right now, he defeated death.

According to Mr. Yagers most popular book,"The pursuit" it's right on the cover, "Success is found in the journey". For those who don't know what that means I read the book and I can tell you what it means for him because this statement can be very true depending on the context.

What Dexter means is that success and fulfillment are found in the pursuit and hunting down of a personal dream or goal and not in the achievment of it, his clause being that if you get a dream and achieve it then that's it, it's over for you no more growth or prosperity, but if after you achieve that dream of lets say getting a lamborghini you then get a bigger dream of a jet plane, you hopped off the pursuit of the lambo because you achieved it but now you hopped on the pursuit of the jet plane so you never stop striving to produce and achieve so its a continous cycle where you won't lose momentum andyou keep growing and prospering. This is of course an idea that comes from 100's of years of fine tuning the thoughts and ideas of captitalists and business moguls who wants to make lots of money and be very successful.
What he is saying is literally true now, if you get a dream and you do whatever it takes to achieve it and don't let anything get in your way, your "pursuit" is the part where your putting all the effort and work in to achieve the end result, so its true.

When you come to Christ, all striving's and uneasiness' of the soul cease and end. Because when you come to Christ you finally find rest for your soul. When a man finds Christ and is truly born again this is the closest thing a man can get to success, you didn't even do anything Jesus did all the work yet you get to go to heaven for all eternity and don't have to go into the lake of fire.

When Dexter Yager says: Fullmilment is found in pursuit of the dream not the achievment, he is wrong. This is a replacing way to fill the void which can only be filled by God, with a silly lust and personal desire(covetousness), which in the Bible Paul calls Idolatry.

Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.NKJV
Idolatry is basically having others gods besides the one true God revealed in Christ. These gods can be money, dreams, cars, people anything that you put above God.

Here are some correct ways to say Dexters famous quote.

Success(not worldly success but spiritual) is found in the achievement of a relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father.

Fulfillment and joy is found in the pursuit of knowing God, knowing we can never achieve knowing him fully because he is infinite.

Jesus Christ succeeded where we failed, he defeated sin and death on the cross. We need to trust in him and his work to free us from the sin that we are enslaved to and so easily besets us, so we can be free from sin and free from the condemnation of the second death in hell.

P.S remeber when I wrote up there ^ (*Remember this line, its very key*)

The reason is because I wanted to make a point here. The Amway leaders and teachers say that great leaders are know by the amount of their following, but what does "great" signify here? Does it mean good or righteous in the eyes of God or does great simply mean Large and Big. Because according to the Parable of the Sower 1/4 truly follow God truly through Christ but 3/4 follow the devil so he has a greater following then that of God. So what does that show? it shows that great amounts of followers prove nothing. In the last days every single person who is on the planet will worship the antichrist and recieve the mark of the beast except the christians who refuse. Trust me though the amount of Christians will be wayyyy less the the non-christians. Jesus said:

13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. NKJV

Few there be that find it not a lot.