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Everybodies Favorite Subject

Today I'm going to be talking about anti-christ, who and what it is. This topic is very relevant to jehovah's witnesses, mormons, quixtians(amway,BWW,LTD and all other MLM affiliates that try to take the place of christianity), and all of the prosperity gospel followers. Yay everybodies favourite subject... lol.

So first let's find out what does the word "anti"-Christ mean. Is it a word that means against Christ? Yes and no. Only recently has this word began to mean against, kind of like how anti-semitic means against jews, or some people even think it means hating jews.

Although with today's dictionary this word can be used in this manner, tradionally this word "anti" does not mean against or hating, so it becomes confusing. The word "anti" in the original greek and in almost every instance of the new testamant, was only used in terms of replacement. The most correct use of the word "anti" could be seen in the bold italic word in the next sentence.
-They were expecting Greg, but Billy came instead of Greg.

So basically the simplest way I can put this is that when the anti-christ comes he will be a replacement christ that tries to come instead of the real Christ at the time of the second coming. What does this mean? Is he going to be a man so completely opposite of Christ? Someone like adolph hitler, that everyone is going to know that it's him, that is warring against the Annointed One of God? No not at all, what this is means is that the anti-christ is going to come and fool and deceive everyone who's name is not written in the book of life, into believing that he is the true messiah that has come to save him and they will believe it to a point of zealous worship.

On the outside he will seem to be an exact replica of Jesus Christ, by being loving, kind, authoritative, angry when he has to be,gentle and meek,working miracles, he will have one come before him just like John the Baptist and the bible says he will speak boastfully whatever that means. How will a true Christian be able to quickly notice that this is the beast? What is the dividing line? The determining factor? It is the cross of Jesus Christ and all those things attached to it: his resurection, sin, judgement, wrath of God, Hell, guilt, and need for forgiveness + grace.

You will say how can these things be how will this man come and replace Christ without ever talking about sin or the cross? Just look around today there are probably billions of people worshiping the anti-christ or what I like to call "fueling his coming". For now there are many anti-christs just like it says in 1 John 4 ... many anti-christs will come, but when the fueling is complete he will manifest and there will be only one and he will fit the bill for all of them.

Let's examine some of them:

The jehovah's witnesses claim to be worshiping a saviour messiah but this messiah did not die on the cross to pay for sins and did not endure the wrath of God because there is no hell to them. Thus they believe that Jesus only came to set an example of the works we must do to get to heaven. The Christ that I praise and worship is the one that endured the wrath of God hanging on the cross for my sins so I wouldn't have to. If they are not worshiping this Christ then what christ are they worshipping? It is an anti-christ. You see a Hindu person who is worshiping a false god like vishnu or a greek worshiping zeus is in reality just worshiping a demon and in the long run the devil because they are just idols, false Gods. But when you claim to be worshiping Jesus Christ, the Messiah like figure of the Bible when upon closer examination (crucifixtion, sin) you are not. Then you are worshiping a replacement christ.

The mormons also claim to be worshiping a messiah like figure who's name is Jesus. But this Jesus of theirs was the brother of satan and born of a sexual realtionship between Mary their god which they call Elohim who has also granted all judging privileges to joseph smith. Thier Jesus was married to several wives and had children but apparently he did die on the the cross for their sin. Is this what they believe though? If one were to actually join the mormon church they would quickly find that their salvation is completely works oriented, no grace at all. And since judging privileges were hand over to joseph smith they are likely to obey him and what he wrote in his works rather than God, and how can they resist worshiping this man. The christ that they worship is Jesus Smith or Joseph Christ. They are worshiping an anti-christ.

So the mormons and jw's think we can work our way to heaven. Here is the answer to this: This is assuming that we start with a clean slate and every sin we do gives us a -1 and when we do a good deed it gives us a +1 to get back to 0. But the Bible says that we are conceived in the womb of a sinner and born in sin. And if we just commit 1 sin then the infinite wrath of an infinitely powerful God, the wrath of the God that created all those big huge stars out there in 6 days, abides on us. Why does it abide on us? Its because Before God is a loving God he is a God of Justice and since he's perfect the best analogy I can describe it with is like someone who is a perfectionist and has obsessive compulsive disorder who loves straight lines, when he sees a bump in the line you know what his greatest desire is, its to make it straight again, and since he is super powerful this is a very scary thought. But God is not a maniac who loses control of himself he does it because that is what he wants to do and since God is also a loving God who is the epitome of love we can see that he worked around his perfect Justice by unloading his wrath and crucifying the Lamb before the foundation of the world was set. Praise the LORD!

Ok now I'm going to do my best to thoroughly describe the replacement-christ that has so gripped the christian church that I have given it its own name: "The anti-christ in emotional Christianity."

This heresy is so bad that it needs it own introduction.

-Because of certain things that have happened to Christianity, like christian leaders thinking that cultural relativity and being inoffensive is more important than preaching truth, and a belief that man has the awesome power to convert sinners by his own enthusiasm and motivation, a very dangerous 8-legged venomous belief has crept into the Christian Community. It is the belief that if one has had an emotional experience that they have been saved by Jesus Christ. Q: "What do you mean B-man? Isn't genuine repentance usually accompanied by an emotional experience? Like say: crying, weeping, sorrow. " A: Yes, most genuine repentances are accompanied by sorrow and weeping, but that does not mean that every emotional experience brings about a saving work by Jesus Christ. Lets move on, I will explain.

-Let's say that my family and I go to the movies and we decided to watch a very chick flicky dramatic movie that is a tear jerker. You know those movies that make you cry because they are very sad and depressing, but they also make your do the "happy cry" for some of the scenes that have a uplifting or vindicating theme. It's the crying that you do when you find out extremely good news, like your cancerous tumor is completely healed or your father survived a plane crash. Something like that.

-O.k so lets do some dissecting here by asking some questions. If I am watching the movie and a certain scene that is packed with protagonist vindication happens to makes me cry, does that mean that I have been saved by Jesus Christ? L.o.L of course not. I know its a silly question but check this out. If a particular excited evangelist comes up to me and has a conversation with me, and during this conversation he uses the same techniques the movie does to manipulate my emotions and bring me to tears, and then he proceeds to take me through the 4 spiritual laws technique and he takes me through the hoops and I end up saying the "salvation prayer" does that mean I am saved? Of course not.
Now I know that someone is going to say: "but thats how I got saved." And I believe you it is very possible God to save someone through this method, God can do whatever he wants. Here is what I am trying to say and what is very dangerous, not everybody who goes through this experience is actually truly saved, and I would go as far to say that 9/10 people that this happens to are not saved.

-The big problem here is that they actually do believe that they are saved, because of the false teachings of the preacher afterward and not only that, but because on the outside it actually resembles true salvation so much its very hard to be discerned. If they just had an emotional experience and their emotions fueled by pastoral motivation is what keeps them coming to church and worshiping but they are not actually truly saved, then who are they worshipping? It is an anti-christ.

-By the way, the backsliding and falling away rate of these false christians is very high, but when they are motivated enough and do not fall away then they will become a goat that thinks hes a sheep or "goat with a Bible" which is very dangerous because they will do the most damage to the church as false prophets.

-O.k now, that previous bit of information is applicable to many many Christians, but mainly to those that belong to the dangerous end of Christianity that many fine scholars would call "hyper(extreme) Armenianism" who seem to think that being emotionally excited and doing the same to others is all there is to Christianity.
To name a few: charismatic, hyper-charismatic, prosperity, and many pentecostal offshoots. I am not saying that this applies to everyone in these denomination because I know there are lots of pentecostal churches that do not practice this. Now I am going to go on and elaborate on what I believe is the most dangerous branch of this heresy which is the prosperity gospel.

-O.k so the prosperity gospel not only practices what I mentioned above, but after "converting" their prospect through their emotional experience this gospel will motivate their new convert by building up their self-esteem ego and telling them that God wants them to be super wealthy and prosperous and God wants them to have all of their dreams come true because it is very man centered rather then God-centered. I'm just going to divide this into sections because it so very wicked so I must explain each doctrine seperately. Here are the topics. 1.) Man-centered not God-centered 2.) Man's will be done rather then God's will be done 3.) Positive and negative theology.

1.) Man-centered not God-centered

-In the 16th and 17th Century there was a fierce debate as to whether the Sun revolved around the Earth or the Earth revolved around the Sun, eventually with the help of science men were able to discover 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth revolves around the Sun and that the Sun was the center of the Solar system, but isn't funny that men are still trying to convince people that The Son revolves around man and that man is the center of the universe. No my friends the earth and every man in it revolves around the Son of God not the other way around. The earth and man keep revolving,moving and changing but The SON never changes and is the center of everything AND does not revolve around man. Just as the Sun gives light to the world and is needed for the existence of life on earth, the same is true with The SON, He provides light and life to the world and not the other way around.

-I have searched far and wide but I have yet to find a God-centered teaching in the prosperity gospel, every teaching has the emphasis that man is the center, "the end all be all" of the universe.

For example :
-God created the entire universe just for man, all for man's pleasure all because of man.
-God created man just so man could have a pleasurable relationship with God and so man could have a pleasurable life in the garden of Eden, If only Adam didn't blow it.
-Every time God makes a move in the universe or does something out of his own free will towards a man, it's always gotta be because of something the man has done(whether good or bad) because God has to submit to certain "laws of judgement" in the universe because God can't do whatever he wishes to man, because thats not "fair".
-God is just some weak puppet who does everything that a man with enough faith demands be done, God is constantly being stone-cold stunnered by the devil, and needs man to help him win this war that has been going on for centuries.

-These and many other silly things are done, they will gather practically every orthodox Christian doctrine they will take the fact that it is God centered and make it all about man even up to and including the cross of Jesus Christ. It's no surprise either too because that's just what the devil does he takes things that are about God and tries to make it about him because of his pride. Since we are all born in sin and with him as our spiritual father it really is no surprise that we will duplicate him in this aspect.

-And here is my response: No, the earth was created by God for God to do whatever he wanted to do with his creation which just happened to be have a relationship with man. God is sovereign and does whatever He wants, the earth is the Lord's and everything in it, He does whatever pleases. If God wants to kill someone then he can do it without asking any questions. God created man to give glory to God not the other way around.

2.)Man's will be done rather then God's will be done

-All you ever hear the people in these prosperity sects talking about is what they want and how God is helping them to get it. God's will is not prevalent in their lives because they have not truly been saved so theres no way for them to know it.
Just to give you a clue in case you are wondering, God's will usually revolves around repenting of your sins, getting truly saved and helping others do the same.

-Preachers like Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland will frequently talk about how its God's will for man to be wealthy, healthy, successful, prosperous or "blessed" as they call it. Although it is true that God may want to sprinkle one of those things on one person here and there, prosperity preachers would have us believe that there is some law that God has to submit to out there and that God has to treat everybody the same way and that God wants this for everybody all the time.So to hold to this theology, they must make a God in their image who is loving and good to them all the time ,wanting to increase their wealth and success all the time and is not a Holy God or a God of Justice, but one who blesses and blesses and blesses materially.

-The main conviction of all true prosperity believers is that all good things come from God and all bad things come from the devil, and the believer defines what good and bad is according to his will. So if it's the believers will to be millionaire rap star then, anythings that comes up against him, whether it be, spoken read or in some sort of media is "of the devil" . Why is it of the devil? Because its trying to stop them from achieving their will duh, and that's whats important in a sinner's life, getting their own thing done. I will be speaking more about this in #3 positive negative theology.

3) People in all the Quixway systems(BWW, Leadership team development, network21 etc..) and in prosperity doctrine religions(kenneth copelant,benny hinnm joel osteen etc..) they all HOLD STRONG to what they like to call positive vs.negative mentality. Here's how it works.

-Lets say my name is Steve, and I want to build a nation wide-empire using the LTD business system as my vehicle, anything or anyone that supports me and my goal, furthers my ability to achieve my goal or makes me happy, excited or motivated is "positive" and it comes from God because God is the ultimate extreme of this positive force. God is the epitome of positive. He the force thats out there to give you what you want all the time. Jesus is just a name that I say or call to get this "god" to give me what I want all the time.

-So here's an example: Billy comes up to me and says: "Hey Steve, I heard about what you did yesterday that was so awesome and courageous, your an inspiration to the entire team, keep that up and you'll be a millionaire, young wealthy and free in no-time.
To which I Steve would respond: "wow Bill thats so positive, thank you so much for the encouragement."

-Now the "negative" is anything that comes against me and my dreams and goals of building my empire, anythings that tries to take away from my self esteem, my ego, my pride, my motivation, anything that tries to "steal my dream" .

-For instance: my old friend Spurgeon comes up to me and says: "Hey Steve, you seem to have become entranced by that business system, you have allowed it to become an idol in your life, what does it profit it a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?"

-To which I Steve would respond: Hey loser, I never realized how much of a negative loser you were until today, why are you trying to steal my dream, you are so negative, get behind me satan! in the name of Jesus!"
and I would procede to cut Spurgeon out of my life, because not only do I not like this "negative" but I can't handle it either because it the worst kind of "negative" because it sounds like truth! OH NO! if I keep listening to this my golden calf will collapse!

-By the way the devil is the exact opposite of God in the prosperity doctrine equation, hes the epitome of negative he exists to make your life stink and to try and stop you from getting what you want all the time.

-All this sounds silly right? guess what millions of people believe this more zeaolously then any bible believing Christian I've ever seen, its because they have duplicated the biblical model of a church from acts so they have comradeship for their own evil purposes which is able to drive them forward. These organizations claim to be giving all the honor and glory to "jesus christ" which christ that is, we must inspect, for they are zealously worshiping a replacement christ, an anti-christ.

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