Monday, May 11, 2009

What I learned about evangelism at the academy

I actually learned alot at this academy so bear with me please :) These are the things that were on my mind throughout the entire weekend which flourished in my mind with the help of the academy.

I learned that problems in the Christian life(ex:lack of: love,courage,creativity,wisdom,etc) come from lack of prayer. At this weekend I learned that even problems in the area of evangelism come because of a lack of prayer. We have not because we ask not. If only we would just be honest with ourselves and with God and admit that we hate talking to people and ask him to change our hearts and deposit in us the gift of courage and boldness rather than pretending that we like it and trying to fix the problems ourselves with our puny attempts and out puny resources. I mean if God put every star in the sky in 6 days and held the sun in its place for Joshua could he not through answering out prayers, change our inner-wiring to be able to preach the gospel if it was His will for our lives.

Also as Christian's we are supposed to worship God and make him known to the world, but not all of us are going to be John Wesley or George whitefield, God allows each of us to grow at different paces and to different levels and its perfectly fine.

The pressure is not on us its on God, its his name and his glory that's at stake not ours, we just need to pray, worship and be obedient.

One of the things that helped me was when I realized that, just like how its perfectly normal for a businessman to try to solicit deals and a mechanic to fix cars, so it is normal for a religious person to proseletyze and make converts. Once I got this fixed in my head and I realized that the people who get offended at christians for evangelizing or soliciting them really don't have any reason to become upset. It took alot of weight off my shoulders as well because I always thought that imposing on other people when preaching but in fact it is perfectly normal to try and make converts, if islam is doing it unashamedly then we who know the true God should do it even more unashamedly.

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Thomas said...

very true. Its quite a rebuke when I see how bold other people are about such false things and yet I'm to scared to talk to others even though I know the truth. I just commented a few minutes ago about a man from LTD who approached me. He was friendly and talkative and a really nice guy but yet he was so wrong. If only I could be that bold with what I know of Christ.